Why Microsoft’s Acquisition Of Nokia Makes Sense

Why Microsoft’s Acquisition Of Nokia Makes Sense

The Investopedia 100. Why Microsoft’s Acquisition Of Nokia Makes Sense Prior to its acquisition, Nokia and Microsoft worked closely on the production of Nokia’s Lumia phone. Nokia …

Why I Like Microsoft’s Proposed Acquisition of Nokia’s

For Nokia, the deal also makes sense, as the company probably realized it was going to be a tough upward battle against Apple, Samsung, and a host of other Chinese smartphone makers.

How Microsoft’s Nokia Acquisition Makes It More Like Apple

How Microsoft’s Nokia Acquisition Makes It More Like Apple Microsoft’s announcement that it is purchasing the mobile phone division of Nokia will undoubtedly be a game changer in the mobile phone industry given Nokia’s historic position in the market and Microsoft’s ambitions.

Why It Makes Total Sense For Microsoft To Acquire LinkedIn

With their recent acquisitions such as Nokia’s mobile phone business, many thought this would enable Microsoft to gain traction into mobile with some great new …

Microsoft’s Nokia Acquisition: Does It Make Sense

Introduction. Last week it was announced that Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) had acquired Nokia’s (NYSE:NOK) Devices & Services division for $7B.Nokia’s share price rose 45% as a …

A Simple Reason The Microsoft-Nokia Deal Makes Sense

Microsoft has the money to be patient. Then, there’s the fact that Microsoft and Nokia’s original deal was about to expire.

What you need to know about Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia

Here, Nokia’s mapping entity, is considered a separate business and isn’t included as part of the deal, but Microsoft has agreed to a 10-year licensing agreement.

Microsoft’s PureView Tech Acquired by Nokia Smartphone

Although, I think Microsoft’s Lumia devices were far more interesting than HMD Global’s Nokias, but that’s an argument for another day. In terms of PureView, the sale just makes a lot of sense.

Why did Microsoft acquire Nokia’s Devices & Services business?

So, the transaction makes strategic and financial sense from the Microsoft side, albeit with a significant gamble attached to successfully absorbing the Nokia device business and culture, but

Three years after $7B Nokia deal, Microsoft’s smartphone

Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia was announced under then-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s tenure, and completed under current CEO Satya Nadella, who later narrowed the company’s smartphone focus.

Microsoft & Nokia: the promise that few focus on | Media

Opinion: Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia not only makes sense, but also could help it outperform expectations by setting the stage for a better mobile app environment and improved low-end

Microsoft writes off $7.6B, admits failure of Nokia

Microsoft today wrote off billions of dollars related to its Nokia acquisition, saying it’s taking an «impairment charge» of $7.6 billion, or nearly the full amount it paid for the Finnish firm’s

Why Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia failed – Speeli Summary

Why Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia failed 1 The Low-End phones don’t bring much money According Jack Gold, principal analyst at J. Gold Associates, Low-end phones don’t bring much profits compared to expensive phones like the iPhone.

Microsoft’s Acquisition of LinkedIn Makes Perfect Sense

Jun 13, 2016 · Microsoft’s Acquisition of LinkedIn Makes Perfect Sense – Here’s Why Yammer, Nokia, Mojang, etc. in the past, all to the tune of billion dollar price tags. Does it make strategic sense

Why Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn makes sense

The acquisition also makes sense from a content standpoint. LinkedIn own Lynda.com, a large repository of training software training content. Microsoft has gigantic libraries of content relating to software and software development.