What do you do after beating Hades?

What do you do after beating Hades? – God of War III

Mar 16, 2010 · With Heph in front of you, head back down the path towards the screen, eventually making your way back to the area where you were when you first arrived in …


Where to go after you swim down the river after beating

Mar 17, 2010 · For God of War III on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled «Where to go after you swim down the river after beating Hades. (Thanks!)».

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What do you do after you get the Hades crown on Mythology

After Zeus steals the 5 sacred items, you can visit the throne rooms of Hades and Poseidon with the help of Hercules. Hades will give you his crown and Poseidon will give you … his Trident.

After the Hades Cup. – Kingdom Hearts – neoseeker.com

Oct 01, 2002 · 6. By the time you are down to his yellow barhe will do a Surrounding attack that will freeze you. Run all the way at the most bottom right corner. Now you wont be hit by the attack. 7.

5 Things to Do After You Beat Horizon Zero Dawn (Endgame)

Here are things you can do after beating the game. This is all post game (or endgame) content that you’ll be able to embark upon after you beat the game and watch the ending.

What happens after you defeat Zeus on Mythology island?

You will also need a drachma, which you get by working for the cleaner at the Temple of Hades. Where is Zeus after you beat him on Mythology Island? Zeus must be sulking, because he is nowhere to

God Of War III After Beating The Game | IGN Boards

Mar 31, 2010 · After Getting your ass handed to you on Chaos, it’s nice to go back trhough somtime down the road from the beginning after you beat it with full upgrades so you can play around. Adds life to …

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Army of Hades: Given to Kratos after defeating Pandora’s Guardian. Shield of Hades: Used in Pandora’s Temple, with the Shield of Zeus, to progress further into the temple. Claws of Hades: After Kratos bashes Hades’ head through the ceiling, he takes away his claws, using …

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The Hades Cup is the fourth and longest-running tournament at Olympus Coliseum in Kingdom Hearts. After the cup, Phil puts up the trophy in the Lobby . There is a boss in every tenth seed, and after defeating each boss, your progress is saved so that you can continue from that seed even if …

5 Things to Do After Beating Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Oct 07, 2018 · Once you’ve been the main storyline it may seem like your journey is over, but it’s not. There are a number of high ranking activities to undertake. To help you figure out what you should be doing, here’s 5 things to do after beating Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

The Hades Cup – RPGClassics

For conquering the Hades cup youget the Trinity Limit ability, if you conquer it with Sora alone you get the Save the Queen staff and in time trials you get thethe Save the King Shield. Defeat Yuffie to gain the Genji Shield for Goofy and defeat Leon and Cloud to gain the Lionheart Keychain.

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Dec 31, 2011 · Welcome to my God of war3 complete gameplay. I am excited to post this series in HD. God Of War3 – Complete Gameplay in HD Part 11 – The Forge, After Hades, Exit From UnderWorld elmdia. Loading

How do you beat hades in kingdom hearts 1? – arts.answers.com

send Donald and goofy after hades and heal if you havent already he will spit fire out of his hands so use dodge roll to avoid it he has an invisible shield that blocks attack … s so keep hitting him until it goes away he will eventually say feel the heat and spit huge columns of fire out of his hands and spin around like a ballerina (but not

The Challenge of Hades – God of War Wiki Guide – IGN

Mar 28, 2012 · A small army of centaurs will invade the room, and you’ve got to use them for the sacrifice. There are two glowing blue rings on the floor of the …

How do you beat Hades????????? – Kingdom Hearts: Chain of

Jan 02, 2005 · Hades is tough but not one of the hardest opponents you’ll have to face in this game. The trick to beating him is bring alot of 0 cards as a good chunk of his attacks are 7s and 8s.