Using an old laptop keyboard with Raspberry Pi

Using an old laptop keyboard with Raspberry Pi – Raspberry

I have an old laptop keyboard like the one shown below: It has a 24-wire flat cable coming out of the back. Would it be possible to use this as a keyboard for the Pi (I assume with some microcontr

There is no easy or simple way to achieve what you ask. The simplest answer is just ignore this keyboard and get a USB one.
However, if you really want to do it, it’s a DIY job through and through. Your solution will be custom to this keyboard and may or may not be easily adapted to accommodate keyboards from other manufacturers.Best answer · 10
Sorry to reply to such an old thread, but you can achieve this with an old USB keyboard controller.
I haven’t tried it yet, but I believe this should be possible.2
I have few laptop keyboards and I really want to use them So what I can see those with 24 wires are keyboards without numeric pad while keyboards with numeric pads have 26 wires.
I have torn down one broken keyboard to see how it is made.2
Some keyboards might have a controller of some sort. If they don’t have a controller, then all of the keys are wired up in a key matrix. Pushing a key will connect one column and one row together. Most controllers will scan through the columns and look to see what rows go high to find which keys are pressed.1 check this out you can get them from $2.0

Use your desktop or laptop screen and keyboard with your

If you have the Raspberry Pi connected to its own monitor but want to share mouse and keyboard between your computer and the Pi, it’s also worth looking at synergy. If you’re on Linux (or under X on any system I suppose), then `sudo apt-get install x2x` on the pi followed by `ssh -XC [email protected] x2x -north -to :0.0` is pretty handy.

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Sep 26, 2017 · So, I own just one laptop and one monitor that I use to extend my laptop. So I envision myself working on Raspberry Pi projects using the monitor right beside my laptop most of the time. I think it’ll be great if I can avoid having to buy another keyboard and mouse in order to operate the Raspberry Pi by using my laptop.

upgrading old laptop with raspberry pi. Using the display

upgrading old laptop with raspberry pi. Using the display, keyboard, etc (self.raspberry_pi) It doesn’t have any real value, but it’s got this really nice display and the keyboard is great, everything about it is great except for it being 10 year old processor, ram, battery


Using Laptop Screen and Keyboard with Raspberry Pi

Using Laptop Screen and Keyboard with Raspberry Pi Xiaoyang Zhong 12/4/2015 This tutorial describes how to work with Raspberry Pi using your laptop’s screen and keyboard. The basic idea is to connect the Raspberry Pi to your laptop through the Ethernet port, then play with it using remote desktop. What you need: Raspberry Pi Ethernet cable Laptop

Can I use an old laptop as a screen for my Pi. If so, can

Can I use an old laptop as a screen for my Pi. If so, can the Pi also use its keyboard and mouse. (self.raspberry_pi and the keyboard+mouse on a laptop is connected via ribbon cables to the motherboard so you’d have to find a way to interface that with the Pi. If your project is connecting an old laptop screen and its KB+M to your Pi, could

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Re-use your, old laptop screen to build a cool desktop with Raspberry pi. Preconditions : – The screen should not be damaged, just remove the screen from any unusable or dead laptop, disconnect the screen from the laptop motherboard by disconnecting the LVDS cable and the inverter board.

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Dec 10, 2016 · This video shows you how to connect your RASPBERRY PI to your laptop and use it as a monitor, keyboard and mouse. All the link are below for the programs to install to your computer.

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5 Ways to Turn Your Raspberry Pi Into a Laptop

Using a keyboard, IPS display, portable battery recharger and a Raspberry Pi 3, this laptop seems simpler than it is. A switch is attached to the battery, enabling easy switch on, although shutting down should be done from within the operating system ( so as to avoid a corrupt SD card ).