Signal Snowboards Honor Steve Jobs With the iShred

Signal Snowboards Honor Steve Jobs With the iShred – MacRumors

This month, the guys built iShred, an aluminum-based board with a built-in iPad 2 and a light-up wi-fi beacon.

Signal Snowboards creates Steve Jobs Model | Adventure

To pay tribute to him, Signal Snowboards pushed the limit of their Every Third Thursday series and whipped up a «smart snowboard» and created the Steve Jobs Model – the iShred. Aluminum-based, an iPad literally in the base, Signal light that..

iShred, a snowboard inspired by Apple and Steve Jobs

In a recent episode, the crew at Signal Snowboards built the iShred, a snowboard tribute to Steve Jobs.

iShred: A Steve Jobs Tribute Snowboard With a Built-in iPad

iShred: A Steve Jobs Tribute Snowboard With a Built-in iPad J. Glenn Künzler – Nov 17, 2011 Signal Snowboards has produced what must be one of the most unique Steve Jobs tributes I have ever seen: The iShred – a snowboard with Apple-like aluminum unibody design, a build in iPad 2, and an Apple-esque glowing Wi-Fi beacon.

Video: Signal Snowboards Rides Loveland On An iShred

In a tribute to Steve Jobs, Signal makes a snowboard with an Apple iPad embedded in the nose and a logo that lights up on its base. It’s one of the more complex builds the company has tried, but it works.

Signal Snowboards pay tribute to Steve Jobs | New Rising Media

California based Signal Snowboards experiment with new designs and ideas every third Thursday, creating a rather popularly viral web series in the process. This time around, they created the iShred: a custom ride with a built in iPad, to create a fitting homage to Jobs.

Signal Snowboards brings iShred Steve Jobs tribute to

Signal Snowboards has built a special tribute to Steve Jobs, complete with an iPad mounted in the nose of the board and a glowing LED Signal logo in the aluminum base (similar to Apple’s iconic

Say hello to the iShred, snowboarders’ tribute to Steve

This time around the team decided on creating a fitting tribute to Steve Jobs — a custom ride complete with built-in iPad — and thus the iShred was born.

iShred: the Snowboard with an Embedded iPad 2 [Video]

Nov 17, 2011 · Yup, the the iShred, it’s a snowboard built to honor Steve Jobs, and it includes a built-in iPad 2 near the nose of the board, and it even has a fancy Apple-esque glowing logo …

iShred Snowboard Inspired By Steve Jobs (Video)

The team over at Signal Snowboards have a regular feature called ‘Every Third Thursday’ in which they create some weird and wonderful snowboard creations. In a tribute to Steve Jobs the team

Signal Snowboards: iShred Snowboard iBoard | HYPEBEAST

Signal Snowboards: iShred Snowboard iBoard they recently decided to design a board to pay tribute to the passing of the revolutionary Steve Jobs. Featuring an embedded housing for an iPad and