Separate and unequal: History and crime clash in Thomas Mullen’s Darktown

Separate and unequal: History and crime clash in Thomas

Separate and unequal: History and crime clash in Thomas Mullen’s Darktown Howard Shrier: Is Darktown a great crime novel? Like many debuts in the genre, there are missteps – but they cannot

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Separate and unequal: History and crime clash in Thomas Mullen’s Darktown:On a hot summer night in Atlanta – is there any other kind? – a pair of beat cops comes upon a minor car accident. The driver is clearly drunk, won’t show ID and the woman sitt

Darktown (Darktown, #1) by Thomas Mullen

Thomas Mullen is the author of Darktown, an NPR Best Book of the Year, which has been shortlisted for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize, the Southern Book Prize, the Indies Choice Book Award, has been nominated for two Crime Writers Assocation Dagger Awards, and is being developed for television by Sony Pictures with executive producer Jamie


Racism, corruption simmer in Atlanta-based ‘Darktown’

“Collusive crab and rampant snake defeat all enterprise,” wrote James Dickey in 1948, the year Thomas Mullen’s crime drama, “Darktown,” is set.

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Darktown by Thomas Mullen // «Set in Atlanta in 1948, the story centers on the city’s first black police officers — whose hire in the department as a result from pressure on high is met with

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The Sinker – Thomas Mullen’s Darktown is a fictional relating of the first black policemen hired in Atlanta, GA. Two of these, war veterans Lucius Boggs, a preacher’s son and Tommy Smith are those that we follow in their new roles. reviews: Darktown

Darktown is the fourth novel by American author, Thomas Mullen. In 1948, with a Negro population probably in excess of 115,000, Atlanta, Georgia had eight Negro police officers. Their powers of arrest were markedly fewer than those of white police officers, they were not issued with patrol cars, and they were quartered in the basement of a YMCA

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Feb 09, 2017 · Two other crime/mystery works are vying in the general fiction category: Darktown, by Thomas Mullen, narrated by Andre Holland (Simon & Schuster Audio); and End of Watch, by Stephen King, narrated by Will Patton (Simon & Schuster Audio).

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Feb 12, 2017 · 9/109 – Thomas Mullen, Darktown – 1948, Atlanta, story involving the city’s first black cops, a division of 8 with very limited powers i.e. they can’t arrest anyone who’s white; excellent crime …

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Below, Thomas Mullen answers some questions about Darktown. Ques: Your novel is a soul-crushing look at conditions for the first black police officers in Atlanta and I note you have a quote from Officer Willard Strickland for your Epigraph.

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