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Rudolf Hess: Rudolf Hess, German Nazi who was Adolf Hitler’s deputy as party leader. He created an international sensation when in 1941 he secretly flew to Great Britain on an abortive self-styled mission to negotiate a peace between Britain and Germany. Learn more about Hess in this article.

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Rudolf Hess The Truth Behind His Flight to Britain. Comprehensive review. The bizarre arrival of Rudolf Hess by parachute near Glasgow on the night of 10 May 1941 has given rise to more outlandish myths and legends than any other single event during the Second World War. Since 1946, more than twenty books dealing with the Deputy Fuhrer’s mysterious ‘peace mission’ have appeared in print

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In brief: Rudolf Hess (1894-1987), Deputy Führer and considered to be the number 3 man in Hitler’s Germany after Göring. Hess was a somewhat neurotic member of Hitler’s inner circle best known for his surprise flight to Scotland on May 10, 1941 in which he intended to negotiate peace with the

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Synopsis. Rudolf Hess was born on April 26, 1894, in Alexandria, Egypt. In 1920, he became the 16th member of Nazi party. Hitler appointed him deputy in 1939.

Born: Apr 26, 1894

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Walter Richard Rudolf Hess (Heß in German) (April 26, 1894 – August 17, 1987) was a prominent figure in Nazi Germany, acting as Adolf Hitler’s deputy in the Nazi Party. On the eve of war with the Soviet Union, he flew to Scotland in an attempt to negotiate peace, but was arrested. He was tried at Nuremberg and sentenced to life imprisonment at Spandau Prison, where he died in 1987. – Deputy Führer Rudolf Hess A Courageous

Deputy Führer Rudolf Hess, A True Hero For Peace, Sentenced To Life, Murdered At 93, Exhumed, Cremated And Strewn At Sea In 2011, May 10, 1941, Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill, Germany, England

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Rudolf Hess (1894–1987) was a longstanding personal aide to Adolf Hitler, and deputy party leader of the Nazi Party until 1941. In May 1941, Hess flew to Scotland hoping …

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Rudolf Walter Richard Heß, also spelled Hess (26 April 1894 – 17 August 1987), was a prominent politician in Nazi Germany. Appointed Deputy Führer to Adolf Hitler in 1933, he served in this position until 1941, when he flew solo to Scotland in an attempt to negotiate peace with the United

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Rudolf Höss (also Höß, Hoeß or Hoess; 25 November 1901 – 16 April 1947) was a German SS functionary during the Nazi era who was the longest-serving commandant of Auschwitz concentration and extermination camp.He tested and carried into effect various methods to accelerate Hitler’s plan to systematically exterminate the Jewish population of Nazi-occupied Europe, known as the «Final …

Born: 25 November 1901, Baden-Baden, Grand Duchy of Baden, German Empire

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Fascinating final pictures of Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Hess have been found and put on sale along with a note to his son about his mysterious flight to Britain to try to end the war.

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Hess’s appearance on Scottish soil, a self-described mission of peace just weeks before Hitler would launch his ill-fated invasion of the Soviet Union, was one of the war’s strangest incidents.

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Rudolf Hess was born on April 26, 1894 in Alexandria, Egypt as Walter Richard Rudolf Hess. He was a writer, known for The First World War (2003), Triumph of the Will (1935) and Der Sieg des Glaubens (1933). He was married to Ilse Pröhl.

Born: Apr 26, 1894

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Rudolf Hess (or Rudolf Heß) (1894-1987) was a high-ranking figure in the Nazi party and German state under Adolf Hitler.He was Deputy Führer from 1933 until 1941, when he left Germany on a mysterious flight to the United Kingdom, Germany’s enemy in the ongoing World War II.There is still speculation and conspiracy theories about exactly what he was up to.