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POTASSIUM CHLORATE is a white crystalline solid. Forms a very flammable mixture with combustible materials. Mixture may be explosive if combustible material is very finely divided.

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Potassium chlorate is a useful oxidizer and small amounts can be easily made using household chemicals. Start by boiling a large quantity of household laundry bleach, at least half a liter, until crystals start to precipitate.

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That white tip of theirs is the potassium chlorate, an easy-to-trigger oxidizing agent, that pumps oxygen into the reaction of the red portion, phosphorous, and allows it to burn the sulfur as fuel.

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Potassium chlorate is an important potassium compound that can be used as an oxidizer, disinfectant, source of oxygen, and component in pyrotechnics and chemistry demonstrations. You can make potassium chlorate from common household bleach and salt substitute.

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Irradiation of potassium chlorate with X-ray causes the degradation to generate chloride, chlorite, hypochlorite and occluded oxygen. Significant quantities of dichlorine hexoxide and a trace of chlorine dioxide were also produced.

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Strong oxidizer – contact with combustible material may cause fire.Mixtures with combustible material may be shock-sensitive. Incompatiblewith organics, combustible materials, strong reducing agents.

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FIRE Not combustible but enhances combustion of other substances. Gives off irritating or toxic fumes (or gases) in a fire. NO open flames. NO contact with flammable substances. NO contact with hot surfaces. In case of fire in the surroundings: do not use foam or dry chemical, preferably use water



Use of potassium chlorate. In this experiment, potassium chlorate will be used instead of the sodium chlorate employed commercially (see Figure 1). As you should suspect, analogous reactions occur, with all of the same complications. The only remedy that will be applied here will be the inclusion of the manganese(IV) oxide catalyst.

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Potassium chlorate, a white crystalline powder, is a chlorine-based compound, primarily used for industrial purposes. A laboratory preparation of this compound involves treating milk of lime with chlorine, followed by addition of potassium chloride.


A mixture of potassium chlorate and sodium amide explodes [Mellor 8:258. 1946-47]. If a drop of a solution of sulfur dioxide in ether or alcohol is added to powdered potassium chlorate, the mass explodes [Mellor 2:311. 1946-47].