Pituitary Tumors

Pituitary Cancer: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatments

Pituitary tumors are often considered brain tumors, and they make up 12 to 19 percent of all primary brain tumors. But most pituitary tumors are benign and most of them are treatable.

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Your pituitary gland is a pea-sized gland at the base of your brain. The pituitary is the «master control gland» – it makes hormones that affect growth and the functions of other glands in the body.

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Signs and Symptoms of Pituitary Tumors

Not all pituitary tumors (called pituitary adenomas) cause symptoms. But when they do, they can cause many different types of symptoms. The first signs of a pituitary adenoma often depend on whether the tumor is functional (making excess hormones) or non-functional (not making excess hormones

Pituitary Tumors Treatment (PDQ®)—Patient Version

Treatment for pituitary tumors depends on the type of tumor and the type of excess hormones it may make. Many pituitary tumors can be removed by surgery. Pituitary tumors are also often treated with drug medications to stop excess hormone production. Learn more about treatment options for pituitary tumors.