Newer «Popper» Drugs May Be More Deadly Than You Think

Newer «Popper» Drugs May Be More Deadly Than You Think

Newer «Popper» Drugs May Be More Deadly Than You Think By Krystnell Storr | Jan. 20, 2015 Poppers just aren’t what they used to be — and for users, that could spell danger.

We Asked an Eye Doctor if Poppers Really Make You Blind

Are there certain brands of poppers that are more dangerous than others? I’ve seen the most cases of symptoms with people using the Jungle Juice brand. But there is no proof really that this is worse than others—only theories and speculations. Poppers have existed for 50 …

Are Poppers a Risk to My Sobriety? –

Although poppers may be less lethal than some other drugs they are mood-altering. Some men reported that they control potential harm by limiting their use to certain settings or by restricting frequency. Risk depends on your motivation for use. Some men in the survey noted that the motivation or intention was the key to potential harm.

15 Drugs that are More Dangerous than you Think – Narcotics

Drugs such as tobacco, alcohol, steroids, inhalants, prescription painkillers, and cough and cold medicines are more dangerous than you think.

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Side effects of the long-term use of Poppers can be serious impairment to the central nervous system, resulting in muscle spasms, and in severe cases, brain damage [3]. Mixing multiple drugs at one time is dangerous, and this includes drugs that may be prescribed. For example, mixing poppers and Viagra can cause a dangerous drop in blood pressure.

‘Poppers’ can cause irreversible damage to your eyes

Study author Dr Rebecca Rewbury concluded: ‘The cases presented here suggest that certain brands of poppers may be more toxic to the retina than others.

What’s That Smell? These New Poppers Are Not What You

These New Poppers Are Not What You Think See more details about Poppers, or Alkyl Nitrites in our new blog. It is widely known that huffing is really bad for you.

What’s that I smell? New ‘poppers’ are not what you think

While it is widely known that «huffing» — inhaling organic solvents or propellants to achieve a «high» — is extremely dangerous, new products being sold as «poppers» and distributed throughout

We Talked to an Opthamologist About the Dangers of Taking

If possible, you should just not take poppers, because I have seen periods of improvements with my patients who stop using. There are also about 50 different variations of poppers on the market now, all with very different compounds.

The Most Dangerous Psychiatric Drugs: Highest Risk

Mention whether you’ve endured any of the side effects, adverse reactions, discontinuation symptoms, or long-term effects discussed in the article. If you think a particular drug is more dangerous than others in its classification, provide some reasons explaining why in the comments section.

New Research Suggests Poppers Might Be Dangerous For Your

New research suggests that poppers, an inhalant which is commonly used by some gay men during sex, may actually contain harmful solvents and propellants that can cause health problems including delirium, potential brain or nerve damage and, in some cases, sudden death.