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May 26, 2011 · > going to release the Map Label utility library wonder no more. > > So, a quick introduction for this utility library: > – Dynamic rendering of map labels using Canvas 2D* > – Lots of rendering options — font size, font face, color, alignment > – Control over zoom levels where the label …

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Utility libraries for Google Maps JavaScript API v3 – googlemaps/v3-utility-library

GitHub – googlemaps/js-map-label: A library for creating

Map Label – A Google Maps JavaScript API utility library A library that adds well-styled, customizable text to a particular location in a Google Maps JavaScript API v3 map. Note that browser support is required for the label to be displayed.


The label can be styled most easily by defining a CSS class with the desired properties for the label DIV. In this example the class is called «labels» and this name is passed in the labelClass parameter to MarkerWithLabel.

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Utility libraries for Google Maps JavaScript API v3 – googlemaps/v3-utility-library

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Utility libraries for Google Maps JavaScript API v3 – googlemaps/v3-utility-library

Google Marker API. Lets play! Level 1— dynamic label on marker

You may use Google Map custom overlay, for example. But for marker and label I wouldn’t look for such complicated ways. I guess, this utility library is enough. Hope, you will find this article

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MarkerWithLabel is not part of the Google Maps Javascript API v3, it is in a third party library MarkerWithLabel. One indication is that if it was part of the API it would be google.maps.MarkerWithLabel.

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GitHub – googlemaps/v3-utility-library: Utility libraries

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cannot import name label_map_util · Issue #1990

I am facing issue in windows 10 ,python 3.6 in object detection can any one help me out these, i am facing errors as name ‘label_map_util’ is not defined & No …

v3-utility-library/infobox at master · googlemaps/v3

An InfoBox can also be used as a map label. An InfoBox also fires the same events as a google.maps.InfoWindow. Read more. Support. This library is community supported. We’re comfortable enough with the stability and features of the library that we …