How the Barcelona attacks could affect Catalonian independence

How the Barcelona attacks could affect Catalonian

How the Barcelona attacks could affect Catalonian independence Aug 25, 2017 In Depth: Catalan leaders are pressing ahead with their secession vote despite Madrid’s call for unity

How would a Catalan secession affect FC Barcelona? | News

How would a Catalan secession affect FC Barcelona? Catalonia’s bid to break away from Spain throws football club’s future in Spanish league into jeopardy.

Barcelona attacks: What could they mean for Catalan

This time Catalonia was attacked, less than two months before its unrecognised referendum on independence.

People Are Still Yearning for Independence in Barcelona

In 1931, Catalonia declared itself an independent state, only to have independence stripped from its people by the events of the Spanish Civil War.

Catalan independence: How Barcelona and La Liga would be

Spain is in the midst of a tense political stand-off that could potentially alter the complexion of the country after the government of Catalunya defiantly voted in favour of independence from Spain.

Catalonia Referendum: How Barcelona, Spain could be

A successful Catalonia referendum could see Barcelona play in a new league in another country. There have been talks of the 24-time Champions of Spain playing in the Premier League.

Terror attacks in Spain could pose problems for Catalonian

The attack in Barcelona and the incident in Cambrils could very well have political consequences for the future of Catalonia. Independence efforts may suffer a major setback, reports Stefanie

Catalonia declares independence – so is Barcelona safe to

Barcelona is Spain’s top travel destination, ahead of Madrid. However, the city’s tourism industry is already showing signs of strain in the wake of the referendum.

Catalonia independence: 3 ways that Spain could react

The two leaders could accept the mediation of a third party so a new relationship between Catalonia and Spain could be established, said Cristóbal, possibly through a constitutional change.

Catalonia’s Bid for Independence Is Complicating Tourism

Barcelona, Catalonia, and Spain all suffered big drops in the index immediately after the August attacks. The recovery had largely been complete by the start of September.

Barcelona terror attack widens split over independence row

Watch video · Fears jihadis could strike places of worship after Barcelona attack Authorities in Madrid though have since granted access to Mossos d’Esquadra – Catalonia’s police force – from September.