Generated XML file doesn’t work with SMS Backup

Generated XML file doesn’t work with SMS Backup & Restore

Decoding and generating the file seems to work, and I when viewing the file in Sublime Text the format seems okay. When trying to restore with SMS Backup & Restore, though, the file is not shown to you as an option to restore from.

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SMS Backup & Restore is a simple Android app that backs up and restores Android phone’s text messages and call logs. The app is super easy to use and does the job very well in that regards. But there is a real problem if you just want to read the data in the backup file without having to restore it to the phone first because it saves the data in an XML format that is not so user-friendly in

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«XML» format can be used to copy the messages to an Android Phone using the SMS Backup & Restore App for Android – SMSExporter says «Can’t find any SMS Database» or «Backup is Encrypted» 1) Make sure you are using the latest version of SMS Export.

Does anyone know how to convert an XML file to

May 07, 2012 · When I try to see the XML file it shows all the formatting. If I replace the .XML with .TXT that too shows all the formatting mixed in with the text message narrative. When I look at the XML file in SMS Backup & Restore in the Charge phone it looks great showing all the messages just as they were on the phones display.

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SMS Backup Reader does not know the names unless they are in the file. To export a specific conversation, click on that contact, and click the Export button. To …

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SMS Backup is a great app for someone who texts often but chooses not to delete their messages, and saves them for future records etc. . This app enables you to backup every text message you send

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MyMessages.xml is where your resulting XML file will go xml\messages_0001.xml is the output of Mbox2xml program which is what the stylesheet can work with xsl\mboxxml2smsbr.xsl is the XSL stylesheet file I wrote (the name stands for «Mbox Xml To SMS Backup & Restore»)

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Oct 22, 2015 · Hello, Recently developed by Microsoft, «contacts+messages backup» application writes sms and mms messages using simple XML format (.msg). Even due to SMS API absence in Windows Phone 8 SDK it creates some opportunities to write importers/exporters that could utilize that backup file.

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Nov 06, 2013 · SMSBackup\Today.xml (SMS File) SMSBackup\Today.xml.mms\ (MMS media files) SMSBackup\Yesterday.xml (SMS File) SMSBackup\Yesterday.xml.mms\ (MMS media files) Fixing. Unzip the zip file and put mms-fixer.exe in the same folder as the xml files (i.e. SMSBackup\mms-fixer.exe) Next double click mms-fixer.exe and allow it to run.

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4.You will see a string like “Sms-1589671.xml”.This is the name of your sms backup.Now change the name of this backup to “mysms.xml”. 5.Then click ok.Wait for few seconds and all your sms messages will be backed up to this directory sdcard>SMSBackupRestore .

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Usage 5. Examples 6. Links —– 1. Description —– smsExtractor is a Python script that will extract SMS and MMS messages from one or more given XML files generated by the program ‘SMS Backup & Restore’, an Android app written by Ritesh Sahu.